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I'm Dan, I made the Vambies

Vambies are for storytellers and content creators. Join my community and bring a Vambie to life with your story.

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Vambies work with Snapchat, Animaze, VTubeStudio, Live2D, VRChat, and the Unreal Engine.

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A Community Created Franchise

Join our creator community and grow the Vambie franchise. Retain full commercial rights to your Vambie content.

Launch on social media

Launch a Tiktok, Youtube, Twitch, or Instagram page featuring Vambie content.

Unlock a unique Vambie

Create content regularly to earn an exclusive, free, unique Vambie avatar.


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October 2022 - Vambie Preseason

Content creators are invited to adopt a Vambie and help launch the Vambie franchise. The first community-driven animated show to launch on social networks is born.

December 2022 - Vambie Launch

Thousands of Vambies are unleashed. Top preseason creators will get a free unique Vambie.

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Storyboard image

February 2023 - Governance Launch

Top creators will be able to vote on the commercial direction of the Vambie project and earn financial rewards for creating popular content.

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